Buyer's Guide

Here are some ideas to get you started on your list of what you do for buyers. You will also think of many more things you do and add them to your list and remove those which you do not do. You will need to hone this to your plan of business to show what you provide for your buyers. Keep a pad of paper or add to your notes on the phone or send yourself a text or email as you will think of things as you go about your day-to-day business. It's shocking how much we do for our clients, and you need to show them your worth. 


In Preparation

  • Belong to National Association of Realtors 
  • Attend seminars on current topics, laws, and real estate updates
  • Network with hundreds of agents to get leads on new listings which might fit your needs 
  • Care about our client's comfort and best interest 
  • Attend national and worldwide conferences marketing your listings to other brokers in this worldwide arena 

First Substantive Meeting/Call

  • Explain agency relationships and fair housing to the buyer and get state required legal consent to represent, if needed 
  • Learn the buyer's wants and non-negotiable needs 
  • Understand the buyer's budget and what will be needed financially 
  • Reassure the buyer that their personal information will remain confidential.
  • Inform the buyer that you will always disclose all known material defects.
  • Learn buyer's wants and needs. 
  • Understand buyer's budget.
  • Ensure confidentiality. 
  • Listen to buyer's goals.
  • Provide education on the buying process. 

Follow Up Meeting/Call

  • Help the buyer understand what property their chosen budget will buy 
  • Provide quality lender resources
  • Member of Leading RE Companies of the World a global community in 70 countries with membership awarded to firms based on rigorous standards for service and performance. Also partner with Mayfair in London to market your listings. 
  • Explain the timeline for house hunting, mortgage approval, and closing 
  • Explain local closing costs to expect and the Peconic tax (Community Preservation) and how it works. 
  • Assist in comparing different financing options
  • Explain the home buying process from start to finish
  • Provide our objective and honest opinion to all questions
  • Carefully guard confidential information about you and your position
  • Educate buyer as to today's market conditions 
  • Explain local closing costs and taxes. 

Preparing Your First House Tour

  • Match the buyer's needs with available property
  • Partner with the buyer to locate suitable properties for consideration 
  • Collaborate with the buyer on properties they may have learned about through their sphere 
  • Use the latest technology to communicate and find information
  • Partner to locate suitable properties.
  • Match needs with available properties. 
  • Schedule showings and provide access to listed properties as soon as they become available 
  • Make appointments to see homes in an efficient manner at times convenient to you 
  • Preview properties to see if they would be desirable

The First House Tour

  • Help the buyer select for viewing those homes that fit their needs 
  • Check property availability.
  • Provide addresses and directions if we are driving separately to properties 
  • Arrive on time to appointments and showing. We pride ourselves on timeliness.
  • Proceed with showings. 
  • Help understand property options within the budget. 
  • Provide market updates.
  • Communicate regularly.
  • Constantly re-evaluate buyer's needs and refocus property showings to fit those needs

Finding The Property

  • Assist the buyer in getting the best property at the best price. Negotiation is a skill and a buyers agent is trained to assist in negotiation. 
  • Check applicable zoning and building restrictions on properties of serious interest. Get property information from the municipality 
  • Check all flood areas, wetlands, etc that may impact the property. 
  • Double-check all tax, homeowners' association dues, utility, and applicable prorations, if relevant 
  • Provide information/resources on current issues (e.g. oil tanks, lead paint)
  • Provide access to properties for sale at times convenient to you 
  • Help to determine the value of a property prior to your making an offer
  • Help to inform you of standard procedures or practices in current market 
  • Timely present offer to seller and review with buyer the negotiation plan that best serves the buyer
  • Prepare the buyer to have the most attractive offer in the current marketplace. 
  • Help create a negotiating strategy 
  • Negotiate the buyer's offers to arrive at the best price and terms 
  • Advocate for the buyer throughout the entire process 

Accepted Offer

  • Explain how the memo of sale process works once buyer/seller agree to terms and price and that only until attorney prepared contracts are fully executed the deal is not done and anyone else can come in and purchase 
  • Encourage the buyer to fully investigate their options in terms of a home inspector, title company, appraiser, mortgage lender, local insurance agents, and other services.........
  • Discuss standard contingencies 
  • Review and discuss home inspection concerns 
  • Assist in coordinating communications 
  • Negotiate your position strongly and effectively
  • Deliver paperwork and information quickly to all parties 
  • Provide list of utility companies for home purchased 
  • Attend home inspection and any other inspections necessary
  • Attend appraisal
  • Provide information to appraiser as needed 
  • Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale
  • Explain wire fraud risks and remind clients to verify all wiring instructions before transferring funds 
  • Schedule final walkthrough
  • Inform clients that they need to transfer utilities to the new residence. Get a list from the seller (sellers' agent)
  • Accompany the buyer on the walkthrough 
  • Remind the buyer of the location where the closing will be held
  • Confirm the closing date and time, and notify parties if there are changes
  • Advise the buyer to re-key their locks and to consider a one-time cleaning service or landscaping before moving day 
  • Coordinate exchange of keys 
  • Answer questions that might arise after the sale is closed, list them.... 


Whether you are buying or selling a luxury home in the Hamptons, Andrea Ackerman is the ideal professional to guide you through the process. With her deep understanding of the local market and proven track record of success, Andrea will help you achieve your real estate goals and make your dream home a reality.

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